Not that I have already obtained this…

(Philippians 3:12-14) God has given each one of us a marvelous gift-life! An opportunity to make an impact on the world
he created.

If we are going to succeed, we are going to need to focus and pay attention to some key

  1. Share yourself. God has placed you in the church with certain gifts and talents. He expects us to use those
    gifts well as our wisdom and insight!
  2. Be careful of who you let influence your life. Learn to identify these 4 types of people:
    1. Refreshers. These are the people who add something to your life. You like being around them
      because they build you up.
    2. Refiners. These people help sharpen you and your focus.
    3. Reducers. These people reduce your goals and dreams to their comfort level.  If it makes them uncomfortable, they make you feel small for even having them.
    4. Rejectors. These are the people who don’t understand you or what God is doing in your life.

Remember, God wants us to Win! So keep running the race.