Message Summary

This week we started a new series: Open Handed. This Sunday’s message was centered around how God can do exponentially more than what we think is possible with only one single, tiny seed of faith. “You have no idea what God may produce through a single seed planted in faith”


As you reflect on Sunday’s message, What impacted you the most? What challenged you?

Bible Study

Read Genesis 15:1-5, Exodus 2:1-4, Judges 7:1-9, Hebrews 11:8-12

1. These are just a few examples in scripture of people who had no idea what God was going to do – but they placed their faith in Him because they knew He is a big God, He is the only God. Sometimes we may have to wait for years before we see the promises of God fulfilled.

  • How did God show His faithfulness to keep His promises in these passages?
  • Do these passages tell us what God was doing behind the scenes or to prepare? What do you think these people may have been thinking?

Read Genesis 15:5, Acts 9:1-9, Matthew 16:5-12, Isaiah 55:6-9, Job 42:1-6 (for more context start in chapter 38)

2. We have a limited perspective. We are not eternal or omniscient (all knowing). But God is. God sees everything from an unlimited perspective, one that we will not be able to comprehend. He has a perfect view and understanding of everything going on in and around us.

  • How did God exceed or overturn expectations in these passages?
  • For each of these passages write a word or two describing the limited perspective and next to it a word or two describing God’s perspective.

Read Gal 3:29, 6:9, Ephesians 3:14-21, Matthew 14:13-21, John 11:17-44

3. Abraham just wanted a son – but God did exceedingly beyond what Abraham could dream up. There are many times that we ask God for something that seems big but in God’s perspective is so small. We cannot get caught up in our limited expectations. God’s unlimited power cannot be understood or measured by us.

  • What are the ways God exceeded expectations in these passages?
  • “Beyond what we could …imagine” in God’s perspective may not mean that He gives more of something, but rather that He does something completely different, something unimaginable. What are the examples here of God doing the unimaginable instead of just more?

Life Application: Everyone

  • We have the benefit of lots of Bible stories and testimonies and books that tell accounts of God’s mighty work. Many people in the Bible didn’t have social media or hundreds of books recounting God’s faithfulness. How do you think they were able to have faith? Did they know God could be trusted to keep His promises? Why/not?
  • Do you have any dreams for your life or family that feel impossible? If so, why do they feel impossible? If your dreams don’t feel impossible, why is that? Share one of your dreams with your group so they can stand in faith with you for God’s best in your life.
  • What do you think causes people to settle for less than God’s best for their life? What can you do to encourage someone not to settle? What can you do to not settle in your own life?
  • Share a story when you couldn’t see it in the moment, but at the right time, God completely exceeded your expectations.

Life Application: Married Couples

  • Do you and your spouse have big dreams for your future? If not, what is holding you back? If so, share one of those with your group so they can join you in praying for God’s greatest and best for you in that area.
  • How can you encourage your spouse in the areas they are waiting to see God move?
  • What seed are you waiting to see the results of? What new seed is God leading you to plant in faith?
  • If you have walked through a season of waiting to see God move and now have the benefit of hindsight, share a brief testimony of God’s faithfulness when you couldn’t see what He was doing.

Life Application: Parents

  • Do you encourage your children to “think big”? When kids use their imaginations, they come up with some amazing ideas. What can you do as a parent to encourage big dreams and ideas? How can you use your child’s imagination and dreams for their future to highlight God’s unmatched and unimaginable power?
  • What are you waiting to see God do in your child’s life? What are some things you can do during the times that it is difficult to see what God is doing,
  • What are 1-3 things God is doing in your heart, mind, and life that are growing you as a parent so that when you are able to see the results of God’s faithfulness, you are prepared?
  • When it comes to your children, what is the “tent” you’re living in – that limiting perspective? How is God calling you outside of your “tent” to see from His perspective?

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